Scheduled Cargo Operations

Regular cargo air transportation based on the airport-airport principle provides the basis for our product model, which ensures high quality and reliability of cargo delivery strictly according to the stated schedule, with a given punctuality and regularity. Over its long history, Atran has proven to be a reliable partner and supplier for the most demanding customers responsible for the express and priority cargo logistics.

Atran advantages:
  • Qualified and experienced staff working 24/7/365 in accordance with international standards
  • An established route network connecting airports iof Europe, Russia/CIS and Asia
  • A reliable fleet of Boeing 737F aircraft
  • The hight quality of the core product/service: punctuality — 98.5%, regularity — 99.7%
BSA (Block Space Agreement)

One of the main products for express freight. This product can either include the allocation of a fixed number of ULD positions, or the entire capacity of the aircraft.The amount of ULD or tonnage/volume can be guaranteed and fixed for a specific period (contract). The service, on certain routes, can be added by expedition (cargo attendance) services to ensure minimum transit time.

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