Special Cargo Operations

Special cargo

Atran has the necessary personnel, an aircraft fleet, technology and licenses to meet our customers’ needs in the transportation of special cargo:

  • heavy and oversized cargo (pipes of various diameters, heavy engineering products, equipment, components etc.);
  • perishable goods (flowers, fresh and frozen products, fruits, plants etc.);
  • pharmaceutical products;
  • liquids and containers with liquid contents;
  • live animals, in strict adherence to the IATA Resolution 620 (various classes of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles etc.);
  • high-value goods that require enhanced security measures (including escort).
Hazardous goods

Transportation of hazardous goods is carried out in full compliance with the ICAO and IATA technical instructions and transport regulations

Atran advantages:

  • certified and highly qualified specialists who have received the necessary education and training;
  • a licence to transport 9 types of hazardous goods including explosive, radioactive and nuclear materials in a special shipping container;
  • transportation of all types of lithium-metal and lithium-ion batteries, both separately and as a part of equipment.
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