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The website shall mean a collection of web pages at www.atran.ru, as well as in subdomains, internal folders and individual pages (www.atran.ru/folder_name, www.atran.ru/page_name.file, etc.). Any other pages shall not be part of the website.

You agree to use this website under the terms which constitute a legal agreement between the user and ATRAN.

ATRAN reserves the right to change these terms of use at its own discretion and in accordance with the established procedure. Each time you access this website, please review the current terms of use.

By using this website, you assume the risk that the website content may be incomplete, inaccurate, or irrelevant in some circumstances. ATRAN shall not be held liable for potential errors or information gaps in the website content. The Company shall not be held liable for any possible damage resulting from the use of this website or lack of access thereto.

The website content is created on the basis of ATRAN data. However, these data do not constitute a guarantee or an obligation on the part of ATRAN in respect of the website users.

The website content may contain certain projections or information on future events, including those relating to ATRAN financial performance; the actual results may differ from these projections or information, and ATRAN shall not be held liable for any potential discrepancies.

ATRAN reserves the right to alter the structure and content of the website at its own discretion, as well as to discontinue the use of certain structural elements and the website as a whole. The Сompany shall not be responsible for introducing timely updates to the content of this website.

ATRAN shall not be held liable for the information provided on any websites and accessed through hyperlinks on its website. While all hyperlinks contain information relevant to a particular website, they do not imply any agreement of ATRAN with such websites or their owners.

Any website information on ATRAN products or services does not constitute an offer to the general public. The Company does not guarantee employment when providing information on available jobs.


The use of ATRAN website is regulated by the Russian laws.

Copyright and use of website materials

This website is the property of ATRAN. The website content is the property of ATRAN and may be used for information purposes only. Any reproduction of materials from ATRAN website must include reference to the Company and its website. Any commercial use of the content from ATRAN website is prohibited.

Any use of objects that constitute ATRAN intellectual property without ATRAN approval shall be deemed to be infringement of ATRAN rights and shall be subject to legal prosecution.

Personal data

Personal data include any information relating to a directly or indirectly identified or identifiable natural person (personal data subject).

ATRAN is a personal data operator. ATRAN complies with the personal data processing regulations and respects the rights of personal data subjects as per the Russian personal data processing laws, including Federal Law No. 152-FZ On Personal Data dated 27 July 2006.

General personal data processing principles:

  • Personal data shall be processed lawfully and fairly.
  • Personal data shall be processed for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes only.
  • Personal data processing shall be compatible with the purposes of their collection. Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.
  • Personal data shall be accurate, sufficient, and, where applicable, kept up to date having regard to the purposes for which they are processed. Every reasonable step shall be taken to erase or rectify incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • Personal data shall be kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed, unless a different data storage period is required by a federal law or an agreement, to which the personal data subject is a party, a beneficiary, or a guarantor. Personal data shall be destroyed or rendered anonymous once the purposes for which they are processed have been accomplished or when these purposes are no longer relevant, unless otherwise required by a federal law.

Rights of the Users as personal data subjects:

A User may, inter alia,

  • revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data;
  • request information related to the processing of their personal data;
  • demand to update their personal data;
  • challenge actions or omissions of the data operator.

Requests for information on the processing of personal data or for personal data updates, notices of revocation of the consent to the processing of personal data, and complaints about personal data processing and protection breaches shall be sent in a simple written form to the Company’s address specified in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities or to the following address: P/o box 10, Airport Sheremetyevo-1, Khimki Town, Moscow Region, 141426, Russia. For a quicker turnaround, please send a copy of your message to ak@atran.ru.


To make as much information as possible available to users, ATRAN is continuously assessing and improving its website’s performance in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


Easy navigation is among our website’s distinct advantages. We have made it as user friendly as possible thanks to:

  • easy identification of sections and pages;
  • highlighting the menu section browsed by the user;
  • an additional navigation menu showing page layout and user location;
  • adjustment of navigation tools to various devices (PC, tablet or a touch screen smartphone);
  • a clear identification of external and internal links;
  • additional hierarchical navigation (navigation routes) showing page location in the website’s structure.

Terms and abbreviations

We use certain terms and abbreviations on this website. When referred to for the first time, these will be highlighted and explained if clicked on. The most frequently used terms and definitions may be found in the Glossary.


ATRAN website employs user-friendly fonts and colours and offers special opportunities for users with visual impairments, including:

  • a zoom in/out function activated by pressing the [CTRL] + scroll Up and [CTRL] + Scroll Down on the scroll wheel.

While these functions help preserve the general page layout and element positioning on pages, we prioritise content readability and cannot guarantee page integrity when these functions are used. Also, we cannot guarantee full accessibility of our website content if customised settings are applied.

Various access devices and browsers

ATRAN seeks to ensure proper display of its website’s content by various devices and browsers. However, we cannot guarantee an identical display on every device. Some versions of browsers and access devices may fail to support the interactive content and technologies we employ. In this case, the interactive elements will be replaced by similar ones.

In case of difficulties when browsing our website, we recommend using a different browser (or a different version) or access device. You can also contact us directly using the following form:

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Website accessibility and disclaimer

ATRAN seeks to provide round-the-clock access to its website. However, due to some technical problems, our website may become fully or partially unavailable without prior notice.